Qui sommes-nous ?

Who We Are
About the Company


Notre vision et notre mission sont au cœur de tout ce que nous faisons. Simples mais puissants, ils définissent notre raison d’être et notre direction, qui reposent sur le talent exceptionnel de nos collaborateurs. Des gens comme vous. L’héritage insufflé par W.K Kellogg continue de nous inspirer et de nous motiver chaque jour à assurer la pérennité de l’entreprise, en mettant la priorité sur l’humain dans tout ce que nous faisons.




Consultez les opportunités qui s’offrent à vous pour explorer les perspectives de carrière aux quatre coins du monde. Les postes de vente étant pourvus au niveau national dans chaque pays où nous sommes présents, vous devez effectuer une recherche de poste dans votre région. Le recrutement pour les postes en usine et en centre de distribution est effectué sur place, donc si vous ne voyez pas de poste vacant ici, vérifiez auprès du site qui vous intéresse.


Kellogg’s est l’entreprise où vous pourrez développer votre carrière, bénéficier de nouvelles opportunités et vous épanouir au niveau personnel et professionnel.

In Our Own Words

"I am proud of working at Kellogg because I love the brands . We are not just a breakfast company anymore, we are moving into new categories which excites me, as I think this will give us new opportunities to learn and grow."

"I have never worked with a more talented group of individuals than I have at Kellogg. I am consistently amazed at the level of expertise, creativity and passion.  Working with teammates of this caliber both challenges and inspires me and is one of the many reasons I enjoy working at Kellogg."

"Kellogg is a fantastic business full of great people. Anyone looking to learn, develop with the hunger to succeed should seriously consider working here."

"It’s an absolute pleasure to watch your people grow and succeed with each new challenge!"

"My favorite part about working for Kellogg (as an intern) was being part of a diverse global team of people with different ideas and perspectives. This really motivated me and helped me to learn how to be successful."

"What I like about working at Kellogg? Having the support of our senior leadership, coupled with great brands that truly connect with and delight our consumers and customers, makes selling for Kellogg Company an honor and a pleasure."

"The best thing about Kellogg Company is the great team working together getting great results."

"The most rewarding moment of my internship was seeing a product I worked on for sale in the supermarket. It was a very proud moment and hopefully the first of many similar experiences."

"The way we promote and live our values in Kellogg enhance our people performance and leadership. These values create a very positive culture that transcends the organization enriching our families and our communities."

"I enjoy working here because the company and the leadership team have done everything to provide a balanced work-life environment where they really care about people feeling valued and respected in a way that they contribute in the best possible way."